Asthma in children: A complete primer


Asthma is a common problem in children — nearly 10% now have it — and the number is increasing. Researchers are not sure of the reasons for this steady increase, but decreased air quality, lower activity levels among children, and an increase childhood obesity have all been implicated. Whatever the cause, it means that millions of American children take medicine for asthma. A significant number of these children end up in the PICU for a severe asthma attack.

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My Child’s Cough and Breathing Sounds Like…

by Kristen Stuppy, MD

Parents often bring in kids with a cough but can’t describe what it sounds like. I sometimes get to hear it if they cough, but Murphy’s Law also says that a child who coughs often throughout the night and frequently during the day will have a 15 minute period of no cough at the exact time the doctor is in the exam room.

In all seriousness — coughs, regardless of the source — are usually worse at night, which means your  doctor won’t usually get to hear the worst of it.

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Easy Potty Learning for Toddlers

by Dr. Laura Markham


The simple truth about toilet training is that if the child is ready, it happens very easily. If not, a power struggle often ensues — and we all know that no one wins a parent-child power struggle. Fights with your child about his or her body are fights you will never win.

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Starting Solids: The Old and the New and the Myths

Written by Kristen Stuppy MD

Many parents are excited yet apprehensive to start foods with their infants. So many questions, so many fears. So much food introduction guidance has changed in recent years, that what you did with your older kids might not be current.

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Playing with Your Child: Games for Connection and Emotional Intelligence

“Play can be the long-sought bridge back to that deep emotional bond between parent and child. Play, with all its exuberance and delighted togetherness, can ease the stress of parenting. Playful Parenting is a way to enter a child’s world, on the child’s terms, in order to foster closeness, confidence, and connection.”

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When Was the Last Time You Reviewed CPR for Children?


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6 things a dad pediatrician won’t let his kids do

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A disclaimer: I did most of these things when I was a child. But my experiences as a pediatrician in the St. Louis Children’s Hospital ER have changed my perspective as a dad—there are some really fun things I just won’t let my kids do.  This list does not encompass all of my parenting rules, but here are my top 6 kid activities that my kids aren’t allowed to do.

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